Removing Bed Bugs – No Easy Task, But Can Be Done Using These Methods

This article will give you some tips on how to get rid of bed bugs. Here are some simple tips you can follow to  make sure that you decrease the chances of having your bedroom become a bed bug haven.

A Happy Bed Bug
A Happy Bed Bug

Vacuum regularly

When you vacuum your bed you remove all the dirt on it. Dirt is a suitable habitat of bed bugs. Vacuum all areas of your house. Remove all stuff you have on your bed or sofa including the linen. This will remove all the dirt from corners of your house. Clean your belongings as well especially your travel bags.Sometimes you get the dirt outside of the house.To ensure that bed bugs will have no spot on your bed remove all the dirt on it.Bed bugs feed themselves on dirt, as well.

Use clean linen every day

Make sure that your linen is clean. Stinky linen will invite bed bugs to your bed. Change your linen on a daily basis.Further, when you clean your linen, soak it in soapy hot water. Hot water will kill these bed bugs.

Prefer synthetic linen rather than wool

Wool is bed bugs’ habitat. To refrain bed bugs from staying away from your bed, do not use wool as your linen. Bed bugs do not only cling on your bed they also live your sala and also present in other areas of the house. To make sure that you do away from them never install their habitat in your house.

Do not swamp your house or room with furniture

Bed bugs usually live on the dark corners of furniture. Simply minimize your use of furniture in your house or room. If you prefer to decorate your house with furniture, make sure that clean them regularly.

Use exterminators

You may hire exterminators to remove bugs from your house. Follow the instructions of exterminators prior to their cleaning activity to ensure that they cover all corners of the house in their exterminating work.

Apparently, the above measures do prevent bed bugs from building inside your house. However, it is highly recommended that you hire a professional to check your house premises regularly. In looking for exterminators, consider the following: (more…)

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