Signs your House have Bed Bugs

Knowing signs of a bed bug problem is very important so that you could create a good treatment plan for it. When not recognized, bed bugs would be in your home for a long time and the longer they stay in your home the bigger the task of eliminating these pests. Below are some bed bug symptoms that can identify you should call bed bug control professionals.


Among the indicators that your home has bed bugs is when you or any of your family member experience bed bug bites. This could occur in any part of your home like on the floor, in the sofa and most especially in your bed. Every time you wake up in the morning, make sure that you check your family for any bed bug bites since they usually strike at night. These bites are red spots with darker red in the middle, it feels itchy and most of the time the bites are seen on exposed skin.


You could check your mattresses for bed bug waste. Theses bed bugs usually leave their waste after biting someone. You might also find some bed bug skin or dead bugs in places where they are usually found. If you suspect that you are bitten by a bed bug, look for their waste, if it’s there then your house is positive of bed bugs.


Some do not think that bed bug odor could be a good way to determine if these bugs are in your home. The odour of this bed bug is known to smell like coriander. This odor is produced by the scent gland on these bugs. You could easily notice it since this odor is not pleasant. When bed bugs are in your home or room, it would start to smell like wet rotting clothes.


Finding blood stains on your pillowcases, sheets and clothing where you usually sleep is a great sign that bed bugs are present. Though a lot of bugs would bite only a few including bed bugs leave some blood stains.

If ever you observe one of more of the symptoms mentioned above, it a good way to start thinking on how you are going to deal with bed bugs the right way. Be sure not to ignore these symptoms for you not to have any regrets.

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