Dealing With a Bed Bug Infestation

Although bed bugs became virtually extinct several decades ago, most areas have experienced a resurgence of these pests. They are being found in rural areas, small and medium sized towns and large cities — pretty much everywhere that humans exist. Many people do not even know what they are because they’ve never seen them before and have only heard of them as something that plagued human populations in storybooks about historical times.

During the last significant bed bug infestation, households that were effected tended to be among those inhabited by the upper middle classes. Bed bugs do not survive well in cold conditions, and people with less available finances simply could not afford to keep their homes heated as well as those with higher incomes. That is probably why bed bugs never truly developed the same lousy reputation as other parasites such as lice.

Reputation or not, bed bugs can be quite an annoyance in any household. When people first begin to notice the red bumps on their skin that are caused by bed bug bites, they usually think that they are being attacked by fleas. They may try different flea repellents to no avail, because getting rid of bed bugs requires a different treatment than chemicals used in flea control. People may even banish household pets in an attempt to rid their lives of bed bugs and are often puzzled when they still wake up with mysterious itching bites bites on their skin. It is also common for people experiencing bed bug bites to believe that they are having an allergic reaction to something in their surroundings and to spend unnecessary cash on medical bills to try to discover the root of the problem.

Many bed and breakfast establishments, hostels, hotels and even top quality resorts are suffering from bed bug infestations. The most common way for bed bugs to gain entrance into the average household is to attach themselves to clothing and luggage of those who have visited places where they are present. Unwitting travelers are likely to bring these uninvited guests home with them. Children who routinely spend the night in homes of friends or relatives may also unknowingly bring bed bugs home.

Once bed bugs gain a foothold in the home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. Home remedies simply do not work on them, and the average bed bug can survive up to 30 days with no food. They can even survive hot cycles in household washing machines and exposure to hot irons.

Bed bugs come out at night and feast on human blood as their victims sleep. Unexposed areas of the skin, such as arms and necks, are the most likely to be affected. They usually appear as a series of small red welts, and they are quite uncomfortable and can even be painful in some cases.

The only sure way to remove bed bugs from home is to engage the services of a professional extermination company. These companies have modern techniques and procedure that can effectively eradicate bed bugs. Those who suspect that they may have bed bugs in their home should contact a qualified professional immediately.

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