Bedbug Control and Management

There are two problems with bedbug infestations. Bedbugs disturb your sleep by biting in the early hours of the morning, and their bite marks can swell and itch. When we go to sleep we emit two signals to the environment.

According to bed bug exterminator Toronto, these are infrared waves from the body heat, and carbon dioxide from out breadth. Bed bugs are most active in the early hours of the morning, just before dawn. When they bite, they inject chemicals including an anticoagulant, and also a vasodilator, which allows them to suck out some of your blood as a food source.


Due to the harmful impact of the bedbugs, measures are put in place to control and reduce their spread. In essence, there are various approaches, which can be adopted with regard to this subject. First, proper bed set is essential in order to control bedbug infestation. It cannot be stressed enough to keep your bed as it should be all day and every day. While using this approach, the best way to prevent your bedding from being infested by bedbugs is to understand how they travel and live. In this case, the mattress should be sealed to prevent the bedbugs from being trapped inside them. In addition to this, one should ensure that the bedding are well aerated, and they are clean at all

There are traps which are also used to control the bedbugs. These traps consist of a glue board, which encircles the bedposts of a bed. When the bedbug is attracted to your carbon dioxide and body heat it tries to climb up the bedpost but on the way there it gets stuck. Bedbugs are thigmotactic that is, they prefer to hide in cracks and crevices, and along edges and folds. Replacing wooden bed frames with springs, sealing holes and cracks on which are found on the walls and floors should be encouraged. In addition, replacing carpets with solid flooring items are some of the approaches which can ensure that these pests are controlled.

Furthermore, sealing holes and other openings on walls should always be considered as part of an active measure and may help to reduce the probability of bed bugs spreading through the common walls of neighbouring units. Frequent washing or cleaning is also an effective and safe method for eradicating bed bugs that may be hiding in clothing and bedding. Standards hot washing or drying cycles are effective in killing bedbug eggs.

In conclusion, when using any bedbug control method, family safety should be the most urgent issue. Insecticides such as sprays, or a treated dust or powder must be stored away from the children, and not applied where children will play. The label should say how long to wait before people can enter a room where the insecticide was applied. Glue traps can also be hazardous to children or babies. However, this can be fixed by applying vegetable oil where the hand is stuck. It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure that the controls measures are safe.

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